7 Days of Abs… Day 4

Oh my friends… today’s ab workout is a goody. 🙂

Day 4: 6 Pack Promise

Steph’s Review: This is a keeper for sure. He does start and end the video sharing about his product which is cool to watch at least once. When I do this video again, I will just fast forward to the actual workout. I felt really encouraged that I can tone my abs in short workouts (under 10 minutes) as long as I am consistent and actually care about the food I am eating.

I do suggest that you get a yoga mat for this workout just incase your skin is as delicate as mine… I ended up with rug burn just south of my weenus on both arms.

This was a phenomenal ab workout. I know that I worked all parts of my abs with this guy (at least it felt like all of my core was lighting up). The movements are different from what I have done in the past, and as I have said before, I love when I am introduced to a new movement that I had yet to try. I like that the new ab movements make my muscles work in a way they are not familiar to and that it takes some concentration to focus on what to do. I am really in the moment. Though this was challenging, I was still able to find plenty of opportunities to tease Keoni a little bit while during the workout. The guys isn’t as funny as Zachary, nor does he tell you when to switch exercises so it is important to look at the screen from time to time. This may be why the 60 seconds feel as if he has a special watch that slows down time. He does sound and look like he knows what he is talking about though. So cheers to him and the 6 pack that could be in my future if I keep at it.

As a side note, this has been a fun way to add a little something different to mine and Keoni’s daily routine and we spend so  much time laughing during and after the workouts. So bonus!!

Keoni’s review: This guy, geesh lol. I knew I was getting us into trouble when Steph says,  “which one looks good to you.” Then I say “6 PACK PROMISE.” He gives you a run down of what you will be doing and his training programs he offers, then it begins…

The hard rock starts to play and sh*t, this is about to get real. Maddox (our resident guard dog) decides that he is concerned for me in the first set. Clearly Maddox has a keen sense that his Dad is in extreme pain. Naturally per instruction of our pup, I decide to take a few non scheduled breaks. This is a great and somewhat awkward workout. This workout gives a whole new meaning to only 60 seconds, it almost gives you the impression that other workout videos are speeding up the 60 seconds. He gives you ample time to feel the burn.

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