9 Benefits of Vibrating

This is the year I reclaim my fitness. My friend kept telling me about this “jiggle” machine she has and invited me to give it a try. It was pretty fun and I could feel all parts of my body jiggling. She encouraged me to read some of the reviews on it and see what I thought. I did just that. There are even businesses that provide these machines for others to use. I found it more cost friendly to just purchase my own after I a couple of months of still wanting to purchase one.

I got my Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine, Black (4.5 stars with 1,710 reviews) at the end of January and have been using it several times a week since. Sometimes I will just stand there or I will workout while on the vibration plate by using weights or the straps that come with it, or position my body in different ways while on it. I find I like it quite a bit and have been telling more friends about it, they try it and love it as well. On days when getting a workout seems impossible, 10 minutes on this does the trick.  It is also has research backing it. Let me share some of the benefits that the pamphlet describes. Oh, and it doesn’t take up very much space. Bonus!!

9 Benefits of Vibration

  1. Saves time. 10 minutes on this machine is equal to 1 hour of weight lifting. This was pretty appealing to me, especially on my busy days. It is not the only thing I do though. I do still practice Yoga, Pure Barre, or other forms of movement that sounds fun. I also play a lot, go for hikes, bike rides and live an active lifestyle. However, this has been a really nice addition. Every cell in your body will be vibrating while on this baby.
  2. Increased muscle strength. Muscle fibers are being activated while you are vibrating.
  3. Bone density. Did you know that this technique was developed many years ago to assist astronauts from the negative affects that can happen to their body and bones while in outer space?
  4. Balance & Coordination. I’ve noticed that I am working on my balance when I do additional workout moves while the vibration plate is on. Balance also seems to strengthen my core and I love that.
  5. Weight loss. 10 minutes a day helps burn more calories due to the increased muscle strength and metabolism. I am not sure how much this has played into the weight that I have released. I have been releasing weight. However, I also am eating cleaner meals and have upped my positive mindset.
  6. Improved mood. Exercise gets the brain to release more serotonin which is the natural antidepressant. This may even mean a better nights rest, which helps keep the crabbiness away.
  7. Increased energy. Serotonin and norepinephrine are raised while vibrating… therefore increasing mood and ENERGY! This is my cup of coffee.
  8. Increased circulation. Since all the cells are getting involved in the jiggle, they are receiving  nutrients and oxygen that they may have not been getting enough of.
  9. Detox. Since the cells all get involved, toxins are released. Cheers to that!

If this sounds good to you, check with your doctor to see if this is something you could add to your routine. Have fun getting your jiggle on! I sure am!


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