1st Week of Training for Ironman #2

How do you feel after the 1st week of training for an Ironman?

Supremely awesome. I have never had such a concrete fitness goal before. Become a better football, hockey, soccer, etc. player is very vague. This time I have a black and white quantifiable goal. Being 30 and not having worked out seriously since I was in the military (I left the military at 23), I know that my muscles are soft. However, I do know I am a bad ass and I am going to conquer the Ironman and transcend into Legend or dare I say God status. Surprisingly I am not as sore as I thought I might be, I can say that drinking a gallon of water a day and doing yoga as much as possible is my saving grace.

 Rock Lee and Keoni Vegan Bicyclist

I feel like I need to train like Rock Lee from Naruto and the picture on the right is after riding my bike and feeling amazing.

What does an aspiring Ironman eat?

As stated before I am vegan and eating healthy is pretty easy for me since I just gotta have my veggies. I mean honestly where do meat eaters get their fiber from? One thing I am working on is not eating after 8:30 at night since I have seen significant weight differences on when I do. It’s more just a bad habit that I need to break. Also those damn chips, I love me some crunchy chips. I’m proud that I didn’t gorge myself on chips this week and was capable of taking much less than I have in the past. I also found that since I have been adding these workouts to my life, I actually wanted to order a healthy dish when I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant instead of the crappy meal I would usually order.

1st week Ironman workout

My first week of alternating between running, swimming, and cycling was motivating and energizing. Even though I wanted to complete all of my workouts for the amount of time I had planned, Life happens. We can’t always do what we want when we want. My first bike ride I had my trainer (son) in our bike carrier and he fell asleep after 40 minutes. I didn’t have goggles for swimming at the time, so to finish my workout I rode to REI on my fixed gear bike and picked me up a pair TYR Goggles, nose piece, and silicon ear plugs. My first swim I had to cut it short by 30 minutes, but I am not going to let it phase me. Like I said life happens. Biggest surprise though this week, my wife Stephanie decided to run with me, not once but twice. This is awesome because we still get to spend time together while working out and I saw just how fast she really is. Damnnnn.

Run and Bike map my rideKeoni SwimmingTYR Goggles

Date Notes Mileage Time Yoga
27-Jul-16 Ironman Accepted      No
28-Jul-16 Stretch and lots of water      No
29-Jul-16 40 min with carrier ride Unknown 2:10 Yes
30-Jul-16 Swim Apt Pool Unknown  0:30  No
31-Jul-16 Run pushing stroller, weighted vest 12 lbs, Ankle Weights 2.5 lbs x 2, intervals   4.38  1:12 Yes
1-Aug-16 Bike to West Hillsboro 12.86 1:02 Yes
2-Aug-16 Swim Apt Pool 40 Laps 0.66 1:00 Yes
3-Aug-16 Run balancing bike carrier, intervals  4 1:00 Yes


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