5 Signs that it is Time to Become Friends with Food

I love relationships and they are EVERYWHERE, including with our food. Have you ever thought about what kind of relationship you have with your food? Is it a love-hate, love-love, hate-hate? We need this amazing resource to live, yet at times we find ourselves in a less than favorable relationship with food.

5 Signs that it is Time to Become Friends with Food

  1. Negative Self-Talk. What is your self-talk before you eat, when you are eating, and after you eat? If you find¬†that you are lecturing yourself for your food choice, the amount you ate, how fast you ate, or whatever else you find yourself criticizing… you may want to take a look at your relationship with food.
  2. Guilt tags along. Is guilt a part of your meals? Maybe it sneaks its way in at some point in your meal and then starts that negative self-talk cycle.
  3. Obsessing. Are you so focused on food that the subject is taking up the majority of the conversation inside that wonderful head of yours?
  4. Diet Yo-Yo. Always trying the latest diet to see if that will work and then missing food and then hating yourself for missing that food. Once you get off the diet bingeing takes a vacation at your table. All to start again with the next diet. The only thing diets are good for is taking your money.
  5. Rewarding or punishing yourself with food. When you do something that you are proud of or ashamed of and turn to food to seal the deal…


So what can you do to flip that relationship?

  1. Remember that food is a life source. It is here to fuel you, not make you crazy.
  2. Educate yourself about food, additives, and nutrition in general.
  3. Find ways to engage in self-care that you enjoy. This will allow food to stay in the fueling you category and not self-soothing category.
  4. Figure out what emotions are tied to the foods you crave and figure out if you are okay with that or want to change that. And then change what you think is beneficial.
  5. Create a beautiful & calming eating environment so that you feel good in your surroundings when fueling your body.
  6. Stop multitasking while eating. Just eat and enjoy your company if there is any. If you are by yourself, spend time practicing positive self-talk while you eat. You can say things like “thank you for the nutrients I am receiving, I love the colors in this meal, I approve of myself, I am enjoying my food, this food is giving me energy to accomplish my daily tasks.”

You can have a healthy and positive relationship with food. After all, food is pretty involved in your life… several times a day. It’s worth the work to relieve the stress that you are carrying with you around food.

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