7 Beneficial Ways to Use Your Time

Time. We all have the exact same amount of time. Regardless of ethnicity or the balance in your bank account… time does not discriminate or pick favorites. It is completely unconditional.

Now, what we decide to do with time varies across the board. I think how people use time is similar to snowflakes… no two people use it the exact same. That’s the beauty of choice… it gives us an incredible amount of freedom. I have notice there are some really important things to be spending time on though if you want enhanced quality of life.

7 Beneficial Ways to Use Some of Your Time

  1. Personal development. How much time are you spending on personal growth? Working through the crap that gets in your way? This could be fear, anxiety, hurt, sadness, anger, a grudge, resentment, and so on. What are you doing to become your ideal self? How do you think your life would change if you started investing at least 1 hour a week to personal development? Could you do more than that one hour? What would you have to exchange in order to make that time? Possibly less TV, less Facebook or other social media, or one less hour of gaming? I don’t know what it would be, but you do. Make a choice my friend.
  2. Movement. How much time to you spend moving? What about movement that you really enjoy? What do you think would be different if you decided to get moving 30 minutes a day more than you currently are? Movement can really do wonders for our mental and physical wellbeing. Find something that you look forward to doing and make it your friend.
  3. Building on your relationships. Are you taking time to build on the relationships that matter to you (your love, family, friends, coworkers, ect.)?  Do the people who matter to you know they are a priority and that they are important to you? What could you be doing to make time to make your relationships stronger and have a deeper friendship (foundation). This also includes the relationship with yourself. Are you wasting time talking crap about yourself in your head? It’s time to change that up… ain’t nobody got time for negative self-talk.
  4. Preparing some of your meals. I know it is so easy to eat everything out of a box, however, making some meals from scratch could really benefit your health. All that processed food is really hard on your incredible body. Maybe you could combine making a meal with building relationships and cook together with your family or partner. Have fun experimenting in the kitchen!
  5. Career development. Are you taking time to brainstorm and take action on reaching your financial goals? Could you be taking a few more minutes to add to a project you are working on to help yourself stand out a bit more? What about staying up on educational pieces that are important for your career? How about if you have a business you would like to run yourself, are you taking steps to make that a reality? Do you have your eye on a specific position that would make your heart burst with joy once you have it? What are some actions steps you can take today that would bring your dream career position into reality?
  6. Fun. When is the last time you made time for some fun? Fun doesn’t have to cost money… there are ways to have fun for free. Maybe even finding a way to give back could be a form of fun. Make a list of things that bring you joy and start scheduling it into your calendar just like you would any other appointment.  Laughter is magical, except you can actually have it, unlike that unicorn.
  7. Balance. How balanced do you feel? If you were to take a look at different areas in your life, would you find that you are balanced or that some areas are feeling neglected? Some examples would be friends and family, career, money, health, recreation & fun, romance & intimacy, physical environment, spirituality, and anything else you would add or substitute. Figure out what area is getting neglected and give it some love… with your time.

If you find something on this list that speaks to you, start incorporating it into your life and see how you feel. Tweak it as needed to add the balance you need in your life. Time is here today and it will come every day until you are no longer here. Make a choice what you will do with yours.


How else do you use your time that is really beneficial?

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