7 Days of Abs…. Day 1

I am on the search for an awesome ab workout that doesn’t take the entire day. Now I know that the appearance of amazing abs start in the kitchen, however, there is something to be said about a strong mid section. My friend, S, and I have been working out for several months now. We are on an adventure of trying new workouts throughout Portland and it is a blast. Whenever it comes time to do abs, she kills it and I find myself to be struggling a bit, therefore inspired by S’s smiling face as the ab workout does not slow her down. She owns it. Weak abs are new territory for me, but not surprising since I haven’t been giving my abs much love since I was pregnant in 2013… so it is time to give them some love and attention again so they stop acting out.

For the next 7 days I am going to try a new ab workout I find on YouTube or elsewhere if it comes across my path. And I will share the video or workout with you and my thoughts on the workout. Let’s compare notes shall we? And if you already have an amazing ab workout that rocks your world, don’t be keeping that to yourself! Share my friend!! Let’s begin.

Day 1: Abs in a Flash (3 min and 14 sec)

So my husband came home right as I was about to begin so I had him join in the fun.

Here is our review:

As for myself: I loved it in regards to feeling a burn. I was able to make it the entire 3:14. I did however have to do the beginner modification on the second set of leg lifts. I could def feel my abs burning and getting worked, especially for only doing two different exercises. My hubby is still complaining about it. Ha!

As for Keoni: “This is not a beginner friendly video. I had 6 five second rests and man did I need them. It was really tough. It provides the good kind of burn where it is hard to breath.” He is sitting putting handfuls of popcorn in his mouth as he shares his review.


What did you think about this ab workout?


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