7 Days of Abs… Day 2

Oh my goodness you guys. I found an awesome Ab workout that also burns up to 150 calories while you are doing it. You are NOT going to burn that many calories if you are just WATCHING though, so GET MOVING!

Day 2: 12 Min Extreme Ab Workout

Steph’s review: I loved this workout!! The wiggle was my favorite move. This was a really fun workout. I love Zachary’s personality. He is so funny. At the beginning I was getting an extra burn from laughing. During the move before the wiggle my neck was even getting tired!  I liked that he changed up the moves and that mixed with his personality made the 12 minutes go incredibly fast. This was a challenging ab workout, I felt the burn, but also had a smile on my face the entire time. I subscribed to his channel because I am a fan and look forward to doing some of his other workouts.

Keoni’s review: I had to rest several times during this ab workout as I found it to really challenge and burn my abs. I felt really good about doing this video though instead of guilty for not being in awesome shape, plus he is adorable. I had a lot of fun and would take him as a workout partner no question.



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