7 Days of Abs… Day 3

Today’s treat is from a YouTube Channel that I already follow because I do love her videos, Boho Beautiful. I found one that I had yet to try and I¬†invited Keoni to join me again.

Day 3: Core mixed with Yoga

Steph: This workout was a great mix for the core. There are moves in here that I don’t normally do, so that is always fun and exciting for me. I did feel like my shoulders got the majority of the workout though as they were burning. I enjoyed¬†this enough to add it in to my overall core fitness selection. I really enjoy her voice and the relaxing vibe she gives. I do find that when I do her videos I am really working out and I know that I am toning myself in a soft and subtle way, while adding in the benefit of stretching my muscles at the same time. I don’t feel the burn (except my shoulders) or fatigue in a way when doing some other workouts, however, I still think it is effective. The one con I can think of is I do think a person would need to know how to do some of the poses before hand as she does not explain how to do everything, such as camel pose. However, she does give a demonstration on what the next move will be most of the time, but doesn’t explain how to have everything positioned to make sure you are doing it correctly.


Keoni: Boho beautiful really nails with production and well-rounded workouts. This one had a focus on abs & core. What I feel I got was core and yoga. Core is definitely abs, however I didn’t receive that aching burn that I received in day 1 and day 2. Do I think this is a great workout? Yes. Do I think this will get me a 6 bricks stacked on top of each other for a stomach? No. This is a great workout to throw in a rotation for muscle confusion and solid foundations for stabilizer muscles. Give this workout a shot and you might find yourself subscribing to their channel for the unique workouts and gentle voice over instructions.

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