7 Days of Abs… Day 5

How is everyone feeling? Are your abs getting a workout or not yet? Mine are feeling like they are getting a workout, yet I have no lasting soreness. I found another YouTuber for today’s ab workout.

Day 5: Washboard Abs

Steph’s Review: I am starting to discover that the majority of the workouts on YouTube must be pretty good, because this was another workout that I felt a burn in my abs while doing. I am also discovering that my neck is very weak! So I think these workouts have been great for my core and my neck. This lady has a fun accent and has a fantastic body. She was interactive through the workout and was motivating. She kept the short workout positive which I am always a fan of. After I was done with the workout, I could continue to feel the burning in my upper abs for a few more minutes. I also enjoyed that I do not need any equipment to do this workout besides the floor.


Keoni’s Review: British by storm. Threw me off at first, because mostly American youtubers come across our feed. However this time we got some high intensity and energetic instruction. The greatest part though was finding the peeping Toms behind the weights at the end. Which Steph and I rewinded the video to see when the hell those 2 creepers came in. That was a hilarious comic relief at the end. Overall though great workout and I would recommend this video.



How did you like this ab workout?

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