7 Days of Abs… Day 6

Another YouTube video. Honestly, I haven’t been looking anywhere else. YouTube just has so many options.

Day 6: Workout Your Abs in 8 Minutes

Steph’s review: This was a very similar workout as day 5, however it seemed as though I was being instructed by a robot instead of a person. I prefer the person videos as I feel like it adds a bit of fun to the workout depending on the personality of the person leading the workout. This video did offer a couple of recovery breaks so that was pretty cool. I did feel a burn in my upper abs for sure. I do not think I would select this workout over the others ones often, maybe every once in a while to change it up, but it just didn’t seem as fun, even though the workout was good. I like to have fun when I am working out. The 8 minutes did go really fast though.


Keoni’s review: The cadence of the robot is pretty nice. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1,2, 10. The breaks are just right for my level of fitness. Would I do this video again or other videos? Probably not, I like the instruction from a person directly. However, the workout seemed to go fairly quickly, so I can definitely appreciate that.


What did you think? Do you prefer this style or a person leading the workout?

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