7 Days of Abs… Day 7

Day 7: Standing Ab Workout

Steph’s review: Today I thought it would be fun to try a standing ab workout just to change things up. This was a short 5 minute workout and it involves the arms as well. So that is a bonus. I enjoyed doing this workout because I got to stand and engage my abs through different moves than when on the floor. The gal on the video seemed pretty nice as well and I could see her abs working in the video on her moves. I would do this video again if I wanted an arm/ab standing combo.

We found a different YouTuber for each of the 7 days and yet there are a bazillion┬ámore that we haven’t even tried. From this sample, I would definitely keep doing workouts with Beauty and the Fit and Boho Beautiful as I enjoyed the experience with those videos the most. Beauty and the Fit was my favorite one as I felt a burn, laughed during the workout, and enjoyed the exercises.

Keoni’s review: Damn my arms are sore, j/k bruh. But Seriously they’re sore. No really, Stephanie gave me the bigger weight just because I’m bigger. I’m just saying how much weight you have should go off of your fitness level and she is fit as hell and I just enjoy me some yoga every now and then. I will give it up to this lady on doing interesting workouts that I haven’t done before. Would I do it again? Probably not.

My ultimate fave fitness YouTuber would definitely have to be Has Fit’s Beauty and the Fit as well. With Boho coming in second. I can appreciate new workouts, burns by no rest, and methodical cadences. However, the biggest factor in my decision would definitely have to be proper instruction plus enjoying it. Getting fit should be pleasurable. Ripping your abdominal area just for the sake of doing so is really not motivating. Laughing and enjoying the company you are with while you set your abs on fire is where it’s at for me.


Which workout did you like the best? Do you have one that you suggest we try?

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