8 Benefits of Playing These Unusual Board Games

Who doesn’t love to play games? Video games are a fun way to spend a few hours. As are getting out and playing a sport. What about those dusty board games? Playing games can really add a fantastic element to a relationship. Though any game will do, I wanted to introduce you or remind you about these awesome games: The Ungame, The Talking, Feeling and Doing Game, and Totika Self Esteem Game – A Games of Fun, Skill and Communication. The ungame actually offers a pocket version as well and several different categories, including a pack for couples (kind of like love maps). Totika also offers several different categories as well.

8 Benefits of playing these games with someone:

  1. It is a fun way to build on a friendship in any relationship
  2. It can increase the understanding of the other person and of yourself
  3. It allows a space to share about feelings, beliefs, and opinions
  4. It facilitates questions in a fun way
  5. It helps everyone practice their listening skills
  6. It provides quality time with each other
  7. You may get to talk about things that otherwise may never come up
  8. All this while still learning about taking turns and waiting patiently

I often think that most people want to have really happy and healthy relationships with those in their lives. Sometimes in order to do this the best we can, we need to expand ourselves and use tools that assist us on this journey. Maybe these games don’t tickle your fancy, and that is okay. I’d like to encourage you to find a game that you can play with the littles and bigs in your life that brings joy, but only if you really want to enhance your relationships.

I’ve noticed in the past that some adults are hesitant to play these games because of what may come up. If this is you, maybe it is time to do some self work and work through whatever is preventing you from having real conversations about life. You can play these games and share what feels comfortable to you and still receive the benefits. That’s the beauty of them, you get to decide how much you share while still connecting and increasing all the good stuff in your relationships. If you don’t want to share at all, that may be a sign that it is time to do some inner work, but only you can know that.

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