Affirmation Bracelets

Hello Beautiful Friends! I hope all is going well with you and that you are making progress towards whatever goals you have set for yourself this exciting 2017.

I have some exciting news to share! I am now making affirmation bracelets and they are available through my Live Happy Wellness business site.

What are affirmation bracelets you may be wondering. Let me fill you in.

We know that what we are saying to ourselves matter and that affirmations – positive statements – are actually really beneficial in helping us reach our goals. Even Napoleon Hill talks about the importance of “auto suggestion” in his book¬†Think and Grow Rich.¬†So we know this is not a new concept. With all that is going on in our busy days, it can slip our mind to say our affirmation. An affirmation bracelet is a visual reminder to say your affirmation throughout your day.

I also added lava beads to the bracelet for those who would like to reinforce their affirmation with an essential oil. Our sense of smell is very powerful when it comes to emotional ties. Think about a smell that brings you comfort, energizes you, or brings you back to a favorite memory. Smell is pretty amazing. And essential oils can offer a lot of benefits and possibly support the affirmation and goal you are currently working to achieve.

For those who are working with an EMDR Therapist (trauma therapist) often times you are encouraged to add a comforting smell to a cloth that you can bring with you. I thought the bracelet might be a nice addition to that process as well for those who want to wear a piece of jewelry that they can add a comforting smell to instead of a cloth.

Various gemstones are also a part of the bracelet. Google has a plethora of information on the benefits of gemstones. For those who do not believe in those benefits, then they just add a nice touch to the bracelet’s look. And you can enjoy a nice looking bracelet and be reminded of thinking positive while you wear it.

Every bracelet is made with love and filled with positivity.

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