BREATHING SPACE Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman by Katrina Repka and Alan Finger – Book Review

Inhale. Exhale. Over and over. Again and again. We do this without thinking. Perhaps, this is something to put more focus into. And then watch your life change. Increase your self-love. Live.

Growing up with terrible asthma, I learned early on the importance of my breath. To be honest, I only remembered this when I was struggling to breathe though. The rest of the time, I never thought about it.

In my mid 20’s I started to practice using my breath to calm myself before doing anything that made me nervous. It was also a great technique I used to help me fall asleep, as it would take me hours to fall asleep, and focusing on my breath was the only thing that helped.

I have increased the frequency of my practice, because I feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually when I take time to focus on my breath. Meditation is something that I have grown to love. It is a wonderful tool that I have witnessed many benefits from for myself. Many of my clients have received benefit from this powerful tool as well. This has inspired me to continue to build a relationship with my breath.


Without full, deep, natural breaths…… You become a prisoner inside yourself. – From the book Breathing Space

Often our breath is so shallow and restricted. We need to breathe deep and feel how our body is experiencing this breath. Often times we are blocking our own breath which can be reflected in many different aspects of our life. Usually the ones we are not so fond of.

Benefits of Breathing

  • When we take time to focus on our breath, we allow our body to bring in enough oxygen. This is wonderful for all of our lovely cells.
  • We settle our thoughts.
  • It is a space to calm our stress, fears, and anxieties.
  • We open up space to embrace ourselves.
  • We get to know ourselves, with acceptance.
  • It may even provide a path to heal from life injuries.
  • It helps us work through life’s obstacles.¬†Especially if we have experienced a trauma. Battle with self-confidence. Fight an addiction. Seeking balance. Want to enhance focus. Replace the emptiness with love. And more, if you can believe that!

In, Breathing Space: Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman, Katrina tells us about her journey of experiencing love and personal growth while working with Alan Finger. He teaches her to breathe. She shares as her breath unfolds her ability to over come the challenges she has been working through her entire life and during her first year living in New York City. The multiple breathing exercises are also included in the book.

After reading this book, I am convinced that I need to schedule in time for meditation and breathing exercises. Every. Single. Day. Because baby, I am worth it.

Please share your favorite breathing exercise!


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