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Oh my goodness you guys! I highly encourage you to get your hands on this AMAZING book. A friend of mine recently invested her time and knowledge into a book so that the rest of us can use it to improve our skin and hair products so that they are cruelty free and free of other nasty things that are often found in our self-care and beauty products. The book is called The Compassionate Chicks Guide to DIY Beauty.  The co-authors are Sunny Subramanian and Chrystle Fiedler.

This book has 125 amazing recipes. The book is beautifully written. It is easy to follow. They put a lot of fantastic tips throughout the book. It even explains the benefits of using vegan and cruelty free products (cheers to vegan lifestyles). This book is wonderful for those who are already experts in the DIY world and would also be an amazing fit for those who are new to DIY. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy the heck out of this book, anyone can really fall in love with treating your skin and body the best you can. Not only can you enjoy this book, talk about a wonderful gift to give your loved ones just because or for the upcoming holiday season (hey… I noticed the stores are starting to put holiday stuff out so I am not too early to make that suggestion).


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I know so many of us love to support entrepreneurs and these gals are ones I would love to see get that support. I do know Sunny and she is vibrating with positivity and love. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. You can see from the photos that she is an absolute knockout… and her heart is just as stunning. She is an amazing mama to two wonderful boys and has a lovely relationship with her husband. Who doesn’t want to see more compassion in the world?? This book is a tool that we can use to assist in spreading compassion simply because we are making some easy peasy recipes at home for our beauty routine. Some of the recipes include: sunscreen, facial toner, facial masks, body scrubs, mascara, teeth whiteners. shampoo, conditioners, and more!

Have fun with your DIY beauty!


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