Healthy Ways to Stay Energized While Working Out


I have used a ridiculous amount of “performance enhancing” supplements from GNC and other “nutrition stores.” If you think slamming a Red Bull or a Monster gives you energy, I guarentee you haven’t used any of the stuff I have. No Xplode has a risk of high blood pressure, sleep problems, and digestion problems says Crazy levels of creatine and caffeine helped boost my workouts in my early 20’s. My favorite was Redline, which on the back of the bottle says, “consult a licensed physician.” The instructions are also only take half of the small bottle, which admittedly I chugged the whole thing. Feeling your heart rate get elevated rapidly and feel invincible while lifting weights. I have never done any street drugs, however I imagine it’s a little similar to meth or at least for a half hour.

We all know testosterone is great for working out, due to red blood cell production among other things. I have taken a over the counter testosterone cycle before from GNC. I only did one cycle, because I was concerned about not producing as much testosterone since it was being supplemented. Steroids have crossed my mind before and I am happy that thought came at a time when I was in the military, and the fear of getting kicked out or going to jail was much scarier than side effects at the time. The preferred method for me is having something that increases production and my body can balance out the rest. So what I do now is rub Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil on the back on my neck. FDA does not condone any usage of this essential oil as a testosterone producer as they also don’t put their seal of approval on most of the items I have bought from nutrition shops in the past.

Idah Blue Spruce

Stay Energized Throughout the Day


If you have read anything on fitness before, you know this is no secret. Drink a lot of water. I like to drink 1 gallon a day, if I don’t achieve my goal I definitely feel sluggish the next day and more sore. Are you not sure how much water you should drink in a day? Take 1/2 your body weight and that’s how many ounces you should drink, not to exceed 128 oz. or 1 gallon. Example, if you weigh 150 lbs. divided by 2 gives you 75 oz. If you weigh 300 lbs. divided it by 2 gives you 150 oz., but you shouldn’t exceed 128 oz. So if you are 300 lbs. drink 128 oz. This may feel impossible at first, but try to increase your daily water intake slowly until you get your optimum water intake. Warning you will pee a lot, this is a great thing though. Bye toxins trying to hang out in my body. Just like with anything else, it is important to listen to your body. Don’t force yourself to drink more water if your body is saying “no way dude.” It is possible to get water intoxication which can often be fatal. So I repeat listen to your body and don’t go over 128 oz. I keep track of my water intake by filling up a 1 gallon water bottle every morning and finish it before I go to bed.  You will also want to stop drinking those sugary drinks that add no benefit to your body. For those who love to have caffeine… you will want to drink a glass of water to cancel out that glass of caffeine.

1 Gallon Water Bottle

I also eat pretty healthy most days. Being vegan has also really helped increase my energy levels. Most people don’t start out this life as vegans, but we have a choice to finish as vegans. These bad asses below are all vegan.



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