How to Love your Wife the Right Way

As a man, I think I’m doing whatever I’m doing right almost all the time. However, being a husband I realize that I need to listen more and when my wife says she likes something, I could actually do it. For example, my wife Stephanie wrote an amazing post yesterday. One of her examples of something was to have a warm towel for someone¬†when they got out of the shower. So following these simple suggestions, and I decided to grab a clean towel and throw it in the dryer. I believe she was a little surprised when she got it, in a good way. I even noticed she had a bit of a bigger smile when she came out of the bathroom.

Even though for many years I thought my love language was touch, I now realize I just like intimate touch. My wife happens to like touch a little bit more than myself, well at least her feet. So what I have been doing and will be doing for the month of October is massaging her feet at least 5 minutes on each foot. She bargained for 6 1/2 minutes a foot, so I think I can do that.

So I challenge you do something that your significant other would enjoy and don’t think about what you get out of it. Just the pure joy of giving to them will hopefully be enough to keep you motivated to continue to give and do love for them.

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