How to track Pokemon

Compass Tracking

Click the compass in the top right and it will enable your person to move when you turn your phone. This allows you to turn 360 degrees with your body/phone and when you have successfully pointed yourself in the direction of the Pokemon on the bar in the bottom right you will receive a green ping around the Pokemon. This method seems to be pretty shotty at best. At least where I live, I am unable to get a proper gps signal that will make this system reliable.

Proximity Chart

The chart below shows nearby Pokemon. Closest being the top left and the farthest being bottom right. If the Pokemon is right where you are you will have no footprints beneath it, so keep moving where you are and it should pop up. 1 step a little farther, 2 steps farther, and 3 steps even farther. However, I have had Pokemon I was tracking pop up on 3 steps so it’s not always reliable. The difference between 3 steps and 0 steps is pretty close in my experience.

Start walking in a direction if it moves closer to the top of the list you are going in the right direction and vice versa. Involves a little trial and error, but this should help if you are tracking a specific Pokemon. Also the Pokemon seem to move so it may not be exactly where you were pinpointing it to originally. I think as the system improves, the GPS will also be more accurate as you are out catching Pokemon. As of now, I use the nearby chart and leave it open with all 9 Pokemon showing to track the one I want. Remember, others in your area could be tracking the same Pokemon, so if they catch him before you do, he may disappear from your chart. If you catch it at the same time, chances are you both get it. Good luck and have fun out there! I know you now want to share this post with your friends to increase the awesomeness of catching Pokemon!

Tracking Pokemon GPS Tracking Pokemon with Proximity

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