If You Change, Everything Will Change for You

I have been struggling most my life Jim Rohnwith self-worth. I have often set a goal for myself
thinking that it will fulfill a certain need of mine. I set a financial goal wrote it down, then printed it out and laminated it. I fulfilled this goal, however  I don’t think I set my goal appropriately.

I had believed in the past that if I attained my goal that I would feel a certain sense of happiness. That all my financial wants would be taken care of. When I set my goal I didn’t consider all my true wants of my life. My goal was set on what other people believed to be a marker of success. I thought being above average was good enough, when in reality I need to be good enough for myself. Just so happens good enough for myself is significantly higher than my old marker for above average.

I have been struggling with following through with assignments with my school homework. I have once again, let others comments influence my attitude. People have been saying, “going to work full time and school full time is just too much.” I have been seeking some sort of affirmation from others that I am in fact “smart”, “hard working”, and “successful.” So I decided to seek out some inspirational suggestions from Tony Robbins mentor Jim Rohn.



After watching Jim Rohn’s Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life Full Seminar From 1981. I have decided to set new goals. Goals based on all the big things and little things I want in life. The biggest thing though is that I have written down the reasons I want to achieve my goals. i.e. I want to be able to go to a new car dealership and write a check for the car right there. I want to buy anything I want from the store without thinking about whether or not that is a good decision for the budget for the month. I want my wife to be able to go to Target spend $1,000 and not even have the thought of apologizing for spending too much at the store.

I then started watching another video Jim Rohn: How to Have Your Best Year Ever  and I thought I will work on me as hard as I work at my job. I got some important bits of information in the first hour and a half of the video.

5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle

  1. Philosophy
    1. A few simple disciplines practiced every day.
    2. Learn from other peoples experiences.
    3. Eliminate could, should, don’t.
    4. Tell the truth to myself, I am where I am.
    5. Admit my mistakes to myself.
    6. Change my philosophy of crossing my fingers and waiting to doing.plato_statue_academy_smaller
  2. Attitude
    1. My attitude affects how I feel.
    2. Let the past be a school master.
    3. Have a good attitude towards everyone else.
    4. Understanding self-worth is the beginning of progress.OptimistPessimistWineglass2
  3. Activity
    1. God says plant the seed, I will grow the tree.
    2. Establish disciplines.
    3. The formula for failure is a few errors every day.
    4. Philosophy + Attitude = Miracles.
    5. Find out what I can do now, and do it the best I can.
    6. Make a list – What am I not doing today that would be easy to do, that could greatly change my health and wealth.
    7. Take action on neglected.
    8. Take action on new disciplines.
    9. Learn to use what I have seed + soil + sunshine = miracles.Nike
  4. Results
    1. Measure my results at the end of the week/month/year.
    2. How much money have I invested?
    3. How many books have I read in the last 90 days?
    4. How many classes have I taken to improve my skills or learn new skills in the last 90 days.
    5. Make measurable progress in a reasonable time.Joker
  5. Lifestyle
    1. Learning how to live well.
    2. Fashion myself a good life.
    3. If you wish to be wealthy, study wealth.
    4. If you wish to be happy, study happiness.
    5. Don’t be lazy in your learning.Lief coach

So I have decided that I will just do my homework, because learning doesn’t have to be fun, I just need to learn things that will enhance me. I will work on growing our Essential Oil business (these bottles enhance my life and wellness) and continue to stream because I enjoy it so much (twitch.tv/keonimanasan), and because I am developing a new discipline on working towards the future that I want. I am setting goals that fit what I want in life for my own reasons and not for some other persons  reasons. I am changing me for the betterment of my future.

Comment below with a change you are working on.


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