Pokemon Go quick tip for leveling fast while not moving!

Use your luck eggs carefully
Double xp might sound tempting to use while you are walking out and about. However I went from level 11 to 15 without moving from my chair in a half hour. I simply used a luck egg and evolved all my Pokemon I could. Note to be most efficient, if the Pokemon has 3 evolution stages only do 1-2 if you don’t intend on using it for combat. Reason being with the combination of an egg you get 1000xp for every time you evolve a Pokemon. Whether it be 12 candies required or 50, you still only receive 500xp(1000xp with egg). Before you use your lucky egg make sure you have enough Pokemon that you would like to evolve. Mainly lots of Weedles and Rattatas available.

Pokemon Go Lucky EggPokemon Go Evolve screenPokemon Go Evolving

Maximize your CP and stardust efficiency

If you intend on using a Pokemon for battle have it close to the max CP, reason being when you evolve your Pokemon itĀ gets a multiplier to the CP. For example, Pidgey at 230CP evolved into Pidgeotto to around 420 CP and finally evolved into Pidgeot at 654CP. Only at the price of candies.


You might not have time to walk around chasing Pokemon at work, but with Incense you can at least catch a couple Pokemon without moving from your desk.

Go out and eat

Going out to eat can get expensive, but wouldn’t you get the most value out of lunch or dinner if you went to a restaurant that had at least 2 Pokestops? A friend of mine recently went to a pub and didn’t move from his chair and was in the center of 3 Pokestops, so they were able to get 3 levels and not taking a step that evening.

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