Stay Focused

It may seem like I’m beating a dead horse on this one. However I truly believe that staying focused on whatever you are trying to accomplish is paramount in your success. I have been training for an Ironman and at this moment the workouts are not extremely strenuous on my relationships and physical body. My biggest obstacle is myself, hands down. I have recently and almost regrettably renewed my subscription to World of Warcraft. Hence the reason that I haven’t posted anything new in over a week.


I have been tempted by the new expansion being released and a new friendship IRL (in real life) to renew my subscription. Also the use of a gaming pad seems really tempting, being that you are capable of programming buttons down to the millisecond. This might aid in becoming a higher rank in pvp (player versus player). Even as I write this post I’m getting distracted by the gaming aspect.


Truth is there is an infinite amount of distractions in this world. It is important to always be assessing and reassessing your priorities in your life. Often people in their 20’s are searching for their soul mate as their top priority. And if they continued to make searching for their soulmate their top priority after they got married, it might result in discontentment or extramarital affairs. So I guess what I’m trying to say is stay focused, but allow yourself to reassess your priorities. Gaming has been on my mind this past week and  blogging to took a step down for a little bit.


We need to be honest with ourselves, if our actions are not matching up to the priorities we have set for ourselves. Then we either need to change our priorities or change our actions. I was informed by my fellow blogger that it has been a while since I last posted. So I decided that in that moment I will write a post. My actions were not aligning to my priorities, so I changed my actions. We get bombarded with all these distractions every single day, often with what others want us to hear. Advertisers, friends, family, and anything else that might take your mind off what you need to accomplish. If you truly want anything and you can see what the end might look like, take the necessary action steps towards it. Also know that most paths towards goals are not straight forward, but what is important that we are continuing to head to our goals no matter how windy the road might be.

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