The Wonder of Flower Essence

I want to tell you about this wonderful little gem I recently discovered. Flower Essences!!! Have you ever noticed that you are drawn to certain flowers for whatever reason? Whether it is their look, smell, or the feeling you get when you are around them.

What is a flower essence?bach-flower-bottles

When you are feeling off balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually flower essence may be the answer you didn’t even realize you are looking for. Each flower holds a specific type of energy… water can capture this energy and this can then influence the healing of body, mind, and spirit. The essence of the flower is held in water and a solution of brandy and water stabilize it.

Flower essence is a tool that many homeopathic physicians use to help people heal

themselves. Dr. Edward Bach dedicated his life to researching flower essences and helped many people heal and increase their wellness. Flower essence does not have any negative side effects and you cannot over dose on them. This means that anyone can use them safely, including pregnant women, kids, and animals. They are NOT the same as essential oils or herbal tinctures. They work by ridding the body of negative energies, therefore returning the body back to a balanced state. You can use flower essences orally, spritzing, added to bath products, or put directly onto pulse points. Let your intuition guide you when it comes to using a flower essence.

How do I use a flower essence?

You can use flower essences orally, spritzing, added to bath products, or put directly onto pulse points. Let your intuition guide you when it comes to using a flower essence.

It is best to take a flower essence on an empty stomach; therefore you will want to take it 30-60 minutes before or after eating.

Who first discovered working with flower essence?

Dr. Bach was a physician turn herbalist that dedicated his life to discovering the healing power of plants and flowers. He found this method helped his clients. To learn more about Dr. Bach you can watch these videos and

Now there are many companies that create and offer flower essences.

Can someone block a flower essence from working?

Yes, if they feel like the flower essence won’t work, it most likely won’t because that energy will block the energy of the flower essence. Our mind is very powerful. The other time it can be blocked, is when someone is experiencing chronic fatigue. It is best to start with a lower dose of flower essence and build up from there.

How long does someone take a flower essence?

Most people take the flower essence 3 or 4 times a day for 2-4 weeks. However, some MS primrose FEpeople like to continue the cycle of that essence for several months. Follow your intuition with how long you feel you would like to take the flower essence that is speaking to you.

Can I use flower essence with other methods of healing?

Yes. Many people will do a variety of healing methods at the same time. Flower essences do not have any negative side effects and are safe to use.

Can children use flower essences?

Yes they can with the parents permission.

Can my animal use flower essences?

Yes. You can put the flower essence in the animal’s water or you can put it on your hand and then rub in on their fur.

Do flower essence have any negative side effects?

No. Flower essences are safe to use and do not have any negative side effects.

How do I know which flower essence to use?

There are several ways you can select a flower essence. You can follow your intuition. You can select a flower essence by the symptoms that you are experiencing. Different methods can be used to determine which flower essence would be a good fit for you such as muscle testing, dowsing, and interviewing you.

How many essences can I take at a time?

Even though flower essences do not have negative side effects, you may find it beneficially to not take more than 5 essences at the same time. There are some flower essences that are a combination of several essences to help heal specific concerns. If you several essences are speaking to you, you can cycle them and see what provides you the most benefit.

How long does it take to feel the benefits of a flower essence?

This depends. For some essences, it can be immediate. Others can take 2 days to 3 weeks before you feel the benefits. This can also depend on how long you have been experiencing the concerns that lead to selecting that essence.

Spa. White flowers in a bowl of water on a blue board

Resouces:, The Essence Practitioner by Sue Lilly,

Important definitions:

Flower Essence: the flower from a plant is used when making this essence. It can be made with several different methods such as water and sunlight; water and moonlight; with a mediator such as a crystal); boiling water; water that had a live flower dipped into it.

Plant Essence: the fruit, root, stem, twig or seed of a plant is used to make this essence. Each part of the plant has a different function biologically and will provide a different influence. This can be made with several different methods such as sunlight and water; moonlight and water; the boiling method, indirect methods, and with the use of a mediator such as a plant spirit.

Mineral, crystal, or gem essences: It is important to be careful with these as some are poisonous. You can use a gem, mineral or crystal and sunlight/water; moonlight and water; indirect methods; or by using a certain number or pattern of the item to provide a specific focus of the essence. These essences can create harmony and balance energy patterns.

Environmental vibrational essences: These can be tapped into anytime and anywhere. These are made of landscape, can be during a natural event, or at a sacred site. They are made with sunlight and water; moonlight and water; with a mediator (crystal), or astrological timing.

Channeled essences: these are produced with a spirit guide or focus on channeling energies. The clarity of the producer and how well they are able to connect with the essence will vary the benefit of the essence.

Radionic/energy essences: essence is produced by a digital means such as computer programs, energy rings, and pendulums.

General essences: these are those essences that don’t fit into another category and examples include light and sound that can have an affect on the body.

Composite Essence: These include the essences that are made at the same time with several components and provide harmony that is a reflection of the components.

Combination Essence: When several essences are combined in order to create an essence for a specific reason such as the crisis-desert emergency formula.

Personally, I am more drawn towards flower essence, plant essence, and combination essence. For me, being around flowers and plants feels very healing. Therefore, I love going for walks/hikes outdoors to be surrounded by all the beauty that plants and flowers bring. I always feel my soul feel lighter after a nice walk outside, especially if I get to see a lot of beautiful flowers or trees. Even if I am in the worst mood or really sad, walking where my eyes get to take in the beauty of nature, I always feel better at the end of my walk.

I mentioned earlier that flower essence help with balancing the energy within the body. This includes your chakras and how they influence the mind, body, and spirit. I love that essences can assist the balancing of energy. It is important to understand each chakra and what it is connected to. This allows you to find an essence that is beneficial to that specific situation and energy of that chakra.

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Where can you find flower essence?

You can make them yourself, find them at a local health food store, or you can visit these websites and explore what they have to offer.

Bach Flower Remedies:

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences:

Flora Corona:

Desert Alchemy:

Lotus Wei:

Flower Essence Services:

Tree Frog Farm:

La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences:

Star Flower Essences:

Australian Bush Flower Essences:

Pegasus Products:



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