Who will win the epic chubby bunny challenge?

How to Make Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Dance the Grumps Away

2 minutes of a power stance, smiling for 20 seconds, and some dancing will turn your day around like no tomorrow

Being assertive can be tricky, however, YOU ARE VALUABLE and if other’s are not treating you as if you are, it may be time to stand up for yourself in an ASSERTIVE way, which is way different than aggressive.

In this video we go over why your toothpaste may not be supporting your wellness journey and other options that are available to you. The Think Dirty app is a wonderful resource to add to your life to verify if a self-care product you are using is dirty or clean.


Keoni and I thought it would be fun to provide a little demonstration of what hypnosis looks likes vs. what some people may think it looks like. When I provide hypnosis to a client, they experience relaxation, remain in control the entire time, listen to a story I tell them as they visualize reaching their goal.