Wax or Sugar Wax? Razor

Okay, so I just heard of sugaring as a way of hair removal. I was watching Fully Raw Kristina on YouTube and this is something she does and has participated in for many many years. So I thought I would give it a try.

I started by letting my leg hair grow out for two weeks (this is a first for me). Then, I found a recipe online and made the sugar wax. After I made the sugar wax, I realized I needed strips, which I didn’t have. So I needed to wait.

I went to the store, Natural Grocers, to look for some wax strips. Turns out these strips all ready came with wax on them. So then I decided I was going to wax one leg and sugar the other to see which worked better.

This was the first time I had ever waxed my legs as well. I decided to wax my right leg and it was pretty intense. I eventually had my husband take over the pulling off the strips. The waxing did a pretty good job. Stray hairs were definitely left behind with the wax strips. Overall, my legs were pretty smooth. I am interested to see how long my leg stays smooth. Oh, and the wax that was left on my leg was kinda tough to get off.

As for my left leg, I warmed up the sugar wax (careful not to make it too hot so that it didn’t burn me) and smeared some on my leg and used a cloth strip (from an old T-shirt) to take off the sugar wax. Nothing. I think it might have taken off one or two hairs. So we googled it again to see what was going wrong. It appears that the recipe I used to make the sugar wax did not have the sugar boil long enough. So my sugar wax was a bust. The sugar washed off very easily.

This lead me to just shaving my left leg. Turns out though the smoothness does not last as long, it is super easy and pain-free! I use the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power and love it. The vibration makes it so it is the only razor I will use now. I tried going back to regular razors through the shave club, and it just wasn’t for me anymore.

Verdict: I think I will stick with shaving with the razor or I will invest in laser hair removal for my legs and then just shave the blonde hairs left behind. Pretty sure I will eventually get the laser hair removal as I have done that before and am really happy with those results.

What tips can you give me in regards to sugaring? Maybe I will give it another chance.

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