When Will I Be Fulfilled?

We all have a dream that we choose to work towards or not. We all have something we measure our happiness or feeling of achievement and success against. We all have a way of defining if our life has meaning or added value in some way.

Though I live my life to inspire and motive others to love their life and those that are in it, including themselves, and to make the changes they need to in order to go to bed happy each night and wake each day knowing that they matter and that the world would be less without them. I may never touch millions or even thousands of lives. Maybe I never have enough followers on Instagram to be considered a public figure in order to use that platform to create more kindness and love in the world on a larger scale than I can now.


Billions may never hear my message:

That you are enough and always have been.

That you are capable of all you want no matter how fancy or simple. You don’t even have to try to be beautiful, you just are, right now, in this moment. Always. It is possible to make it through anything this life throws at you. That life is long and short at the same time, but this is the only life you have so it is so important to do what makes you feel alive. Live your life now, no need to wait. Have experiences that you replay in your mind because they bring so much joy. Create a life that outweighs any of the bad that you have known. Forgive. Love. Dance. Laugh. Cry. Hug. Take the chances. Be yourself because there are other like-minded people out there. Embrace yourself for all that you are. Know that you bring something to the table.

What if I never receive the proper credit or recognition that I have worked for? What if I only touch one life with my words in person or in writing? Will that be enough? What if I only have one post or meme that gets shared a couple of times, but it made a difference to one person, will I feel fulfilled?

If all the loss, heartache, and fear I have grown through in my life has allowed me to make a positive difference in one person’s life. That is enough. If one person begins to believe they are lovable, no matter what choices they have made or how they look or whatever else makes them question their life. Because everyone is lovable.

I only need one person to hear, take in, believe, and live just one part of my message to be fulfilled. Even if that one person is me.

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