Where Can You Safely Vent without Backlash?

Almost every time Stephanie (my wife) encounters another person they are compelled to talk with her for hours. I’m not to sure if it’s because she has a decade of experience in the behavioral and mental health field as a counselor, a masters in marriage and family therapy, and a certified hypnotherapist. Or maybe the fact that she is adorable and non-threatening with a soft tone. Most people will talk to her hours without ever knowing what she does for a living. We will go to a BBQ or a party and a few people will follow my wife around, giving away details of their life that their best friend doesn’t know. Sometimes when a friend comes over they will talk with Stephanie into the wee hours of the night, long after I have tucked myself into bed. Even random people in the park will tell her all the details about their relationships or their woes of the world. It seems at though others are drawn to something in Stephanie and just want to share. Now, don’t get me wrong. Stephanie loves to participate in these conversations as the willingness and ability to serve runs through her veins. I just find it intriguing… how she provides a space for others to open up without even trying.

Stephanies HeadshotI guess one thing I do know, is that most people would never want to go to therapy or get a life coach. However they will spill their life’s story to Stephanie and ask for her advice. Sometimes people just want to vent. So after a little bit of brainstorming, Stephanie’s business Live Happy Wellness will now offer venting sessions.

If you are not sure what venting sessions are, let me enlighten you. First you can choose whether you want to vent to a male or a female. Do you want that girlfriend that agrees with you and says, “that bitch, I can’t believe she did that.” Or do you want that positive friend that always can spin a situation that may seem negative into a positive one. A conversation would go like this.

Venter: I gave 14 years of my life working for those bastards and they just laid me off as if I was nothing and all they gave me was 1 month’s pay as severance.

Positive friend: The good thing is you have a crazy amount of experience and a month’s worth of pay to find yourself a better job than that one.

Or do you just want to go on a crazy 1 hour rant and have the other person silently listen. Whatever your cup of tea is, a safe venting space with no gossipy repercussions is waiting for you.

No topic is off limits, as this is your venting session.


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