Why Should Men be Selling Essential Oils?

Being a Minority is tough. Us men encompass 49% of the population. We need to Don-draperstick together and stay strong. Who is fighting for our rights? That’s right, nobody. Sure men
dominate the financial field, the sales field, the tech field, the engineering fields, the military, and many more industries. Well, there is one industry that men are neglecting. The Essential Oil industry.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all use our Wife’s or girlfriend’s shampoo and conditioner, body soap, moisturizer, and whatever non-manly items that is ok for her to buy and not you. I personally don’t want to use mainstream deodorant, colognes, and shaving cream because of the amount of aluminum and other toxic chemicals that can enter your bloodstream (skin is the biggest organ). I didn’t even know this was a thing until an acquaintance of ours was diagnosed with aluminum poisoning after a blood test putting her at a high risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer.alzheimers.headSince then, I have been gathering knowledge and putting it into action on ways to replace all those products with ones that aren’t trying to do me in. I truly believe in essential oils as a healthy alternative and that they are an amazing product. Especially if you get the good stuff that is pure therapeutic grade and not laced
with all that other fluff such as fragrance that causes chaos to the body.

The Essential Oil Industry is no different than any other industry and is dominated by Essential Oilswomen. Having worked as a financial advisor for 2 major brokerage firms, I know that building an Essential Oil business is no different. One of the best things about building an Essential Oil business is that I am able to work on it part time without the pressure of meeting any sales quota. I currently work full time at Intel making a good living and work part time building my fortune with Essential Oils.

After looking at the income disclosure for selling essential oils. I gathered that if I consistently put in close to 30 hours a week and my wife puts in 30 hours a week as well, there is no way that we cannot succeed at making a million dollars a year. Another great piece of information that I derived from this data is that 99.9% of the people that are attempting to sell essential oils are only putting a half hearted effort at best in
to building their business. Which translates into much less competition amongst my peers.

My first goal is to make enough 3-Kapalua-Place-maui-beach-house-2money from our Essential Oil business to quit my job
working full time. My second goal is to move to Maui. I’m excited for my future, because I know that I am doing at least one easy step every day to building my fortune. In all honesty, Woman or Man, let’s build our fortune together.

To find out more about the specifics of the company that I am associated with click here.

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