Why Should You Take Over Gyms?


After what I believe is 7 hours of holding a gym with one of your Pokemon in it, You receive loot. More specifically you receive loot + Pokecoins. I received 500 stardust and 10 Pokecoins. It may not seem like much, however I haven’t seen any other way that you can earn Pokecoins.  Then the requirement for holding a gym with your Pokemon goes to 21 hours for the next reward, hopefully more Pokecoins.

Pokemon Gym Timertypechart_colorcorrected

How to take over a gym

Gym’s belong either to 1 of 3 teams signified by color from a distance, red, yellow, or blue. If your team does not own it, you need to bring 6 Pokemon to the fight. Make sure to bring Pokemon in the order that you want to fight your opponents to reduce the amount of time switching and be most efficient. Above there is a chart of effectiveness by Pokemon type.

Bring up the gyms prestigePokemon Pidgeot

If your team owns the gym, you can bring the prestige up and after leveling the gym you might be able to deposit one of your Pokemon in the gym to start earning rewards and defending the gym. This is how you earn the rewards, depositing a Pokemon in the gym if there is a space available after taking a gym over or prestiging. Now with this you are only allowed to bring 1 Pokemon to train at a gym you own. So for each Pokemon you defeat with your 1 Pokemon at the gym, your gym receives more Prestige.

Bring down the gyms prestige

You have to bring the gyms prestige down to 0 for you to have the chance to take over the gym. It is necessary to take out all 6 Pokemon. Funny thing is the gym will turn grey and anybody could deposit a Pokemon in the gym even if they are not on your team. Once the gym turns grey then you can deposit a Pokemon into the gym and you will be your teams gym.

WTF happened to my Pokemon after leaving it at the gym?Pokemon Gym in distance

The Pokemon that you leave at the gym will have your team symbol next to it like this Pidgeot. You get your Pokemon back after your gym has been defeated or down prestiged to the point of no more space for your Pokemon. While the Pokemon is not at your gym you are unable to use it in any fights
against another gym. So decide carefully on what Pokemon you would like to leave behind.

Don’t let trolls bother you

I was at the park prestiging a Team Instinct gym so I could deposit my Pidgeot. When a lady resembling a troll with walker came up to me with her little annoying dog, told me it was private property and that I could go in the public parking garage to play my Pokemon. I’m pretty certain she was just sitting outside trolling us Pokemon Go’ers. If your team Instinct don’t let such trolls deter you. If you are on any other team don’t go here, it’s trespassing.

IRL Pokemon GymPokemon Pikachu

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